Well, we’d like to think that there are only two podcasts worth listening to… but there are many more (if we have linked them in properly!)

Al Coates & Scott Casson-Rennie – short 20 minute informative episodes on various themes related to parenting and caring through adversity and trauma.

Al Coates & Scott Casson-Rennie – a mix of real life stories and conversations and guests who are connected to adoption, fostering, SGOs and Kinship.

Claudia Hammond – In each 20-minute episode, she discusses an important issue in child and family mental health with an expert and a young person or parent.

Lisa Cherry – author and a leading international trainer and consultant, to understand trauma, recovery and resilience for vulnerable children, young people and their families.

Guy Macpherson, PhD – interviews thought-leaders in the fields of trauma, mindfulness, addiction and yoga. Mental health therapists who dedicate their lives to helping those who’ve been impacted by trauma.

Paul Dix, Ollie Frith, Mike Armiger and your host, Kevin Mulryne – Every week they publish a new episode full of free CPD in Your Ears. We feature amazing guests in this excellent podcast for teachers.

The Fostering Network – There are interviews with people involved in fostering and decision makers from the fostering community. We also discuss topics in the wider media concerning foster care.

A BBC Radio 4 production from 2017. “A family is being shattered; can a new one be created? A UK adoption through the eyes of those affected. Lives being changed forever”.

Cristal Dee – shares the inspirational stories of care leavers. Each episode features a care experienced person reflecting on their journey through the care system, the challenges they faced and how they got to where they are today

Simon Benn – Inspiration and insights for adoptive parents and adoptees. Interviews and conversations to bring light and hope to empower. Adopters & adoptees share their stories and what they’ve learned.

Twayna Mayne – A fostering and adoption podcast featuring former cared for children and adoptees.

Haley Radke – Adoptees On is a gathering of incredible adopted people willing to share their intimately personal stories with you about the impact adoption has had on our lives. Listen in and you will discover that you are not alone on this journey.

Do you want your podcast to be included? We are happy to list it – as long as it provides useful and informative information! Send us a message below.