The Adoption & Fostering Podcast

This is where it all started…

In October 2016 Al invited Scott to be the first guest on a podcast he thought might be of interest. It took one chat over two episodes for the pair to realise they got on, and actually, it was interesting.

Within a few episodes the feedback was rather unexpected, the first adoption and fostering podcast in the UK to be open, honest and using humour – and yes, it is a serious platform to even think about using humour through.

From #AdoptionConversations to interviews with professionals from the adoption and fostering sector, the podcast is now listened to all around the world (yes, the world) with over 10,000 downloads per month.

You can access the podcast below, and if you are interested in telling your lived experience to Al or Scott, you can contact us further down the page.

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Episode 148 – New minsters and appointees, approval transfers, foster protests and more The Adoption and Fostering Podcast

Before you listen please note, we talk about operations in some detail in the first few minutes. If you're squeamish or of a delicate disposition then skip! There's a lot going on but we start with an appeal for help from a couple of prospective adopters who are blind and are looking to speak to any other adopter who can share their experience of being approved with a disability. If you think you can help then please drop us an email. We then unpick the news of the new minister being appointed with additional responsibilities, the shadow minster as well as AUK's new appointment. We unpick some of the discussions being had in relation to adoption approvals being transferred if agencies close as well as commenting on recent protests by foster carers and national private fostering week.  A busy episode but certainly a pretty interesting one and not without mirth. As always if you’ve experience of adoption, Fostering or special guardianship from any perspective and would like share that on the podcast please get in touch through the Facebook or twitter page or email us at Listen/subscribe on iTunes here Spotify here Google here
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